Bottles of Georgian wine

Poles like wine, and nearly half of those who drink it, have already tried Georgian wine. A survey conducted by the SW Research Institute on behalf of the National Wine Agency of Georgia (LEPL) shows that among the respondents who have tried Georgian wine, as many as 89% like it or definitely like it.

What are Poles’ preferences when it comes to selecting wines?

The main goal of the survey conducted by SW Research Institute was to find the preferences of Poles in terms of wine selection, including Georgian wine. According to the research, Poles who drink wine choose it more often than beer, vodka, or liqueur. When buying wine, the vast majority – 74% of respondents – make their purchase decisions based on the type of wine. The price is the second factor influencing the decision – over 46% of respondents pay attention to it. Among other factors vital for consumers are wine’s brand (30%) and country of origin (24% of respondents).

Nearly ¾ of respondents declare consuming wine on the occasion of meetings with family or friends, and 68% during parties and events. On no occasion is wine drunk by 43% of respondents. Poles usually drink wine at home (56%), or with family or friends (32%). It is also worth mentioning that local wine gourmets buy it generally themselves (71%). They value their favorite wine most for its taste and aroma (69%).

The most popular places to buy wine are supermarkets (43%), discount shops (36%), and liquor shops (31%). Interestingly, nearly 4% of respondents decide to buy wines online.

Wines from Georgia conquer the hearts of Poles

Georgian wines have a tradition dating back to 8 000 years. Perhaps that is also the reason why, all over the world, they are considered to be exquisite beverages with a characteristic taste and aroma notes. Alazani Valley, Old Tbilisi, or Saperavi – Georgian wines most popular among Poles – come from the world’s oldest grape-growing region Kakheti, in the eastern part of Georgia.

Although the names of regions where Georgian wines are produced are not commonly known in Poland, 66% of respondents indicated in the survey that they have positive associations with Georgia. 55% of respondents appreciate Georgian cuisine culture, and almost half of respondents (46%) have tried Georgian wine.

“Those who have tasted this traditional wine from regional vineyards in Kakheti, Imereti, and Kartli declare that they like it for its taste and aroma (70%), as well as – interestingly – pleasant associations with it (33%)” – says Piotr Zimolzak from the SW Research institute.

Poles declare that they buy Georgian wines mainly in specialized wine shops and liquor shops – 43% of the respondents buy them this way. The remaining respondents find Georgian wines in supermarkets, hypermarkets, and discount stores. 5.6% of respondents drink Georgian wines in restaurants.

“Poles like Georgia, they appreciate its cuisine and wine. This is not surprising – Georgia has perfected the combination of tradition and modernity, offering high-quality wines”. – comments Szymon Milonas, sommelier and ambassador of Georgian wines.”The most fashionable trend in the world of natural and so-called amber wines has its origins in Georgia and the qvevri used there for fermentation – clay vessels which are buried in the ground to maintain a constant and low temperature” – Milonas adds.

We like wine and we are interested in it

Wine is not only tasty but also interesting for Poles. This is proved by the respondents themselves – among Poles who buy wine on their own, 35% check information about it on the Internet, 27% ask the seller for advice and 12% ask or call a friend. Poles can be easily called wine lovers who willingly and consciously taste their different kinds. Georgian wines are among the willingly consumed wines in Poland due to their balanced and carefully composed taste and characteristic aroma.